We offer Medication Management Services as a spectrum of patient-centered, collaborative services that focus on medication appropriateness, effectiveness, safety, and adherence with the goal of improving health outcomes
We offer this specialized service to enhance knowledge of medicines use, promote rational prescribing among prescribers, and reduce medication errors.
We offer medication assisted treatment, individual and group counseling, self-help and recovery activities, and, in some cases, residential treatment.


We provide the highest level of clinical laboratory and diagnostics services.

Biochemistry: Hematology: Immunology Report: Bacteriology:
  1. Liver function test
  2. Kidney function test
  3. Fasting Lipid profile
  1. PCV
  2. ABO Blood group
  3. HB Genotype
  4. Malaria test
  1. Widal Agglutination titires
  2. VDRL
  3. Pregnancy test
  4. HIV
  5. H. Pylori
  6. Serum TB


  1. Urinalysis
  2. MCS
  3. HVS
  4. Stool Culture
  5. Semen Analysis

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